Born to Run Back
Julius Achon ran and ran, away from civil war in Uganda all the way to an NCAA title and the Olympics. But on a visit home, when he saw 11 starving orphans huddled under a bus -- well, he wasn't going to run away from that.
The Unraveling
French Anderson was a pioneering gene therapist with a reputation for brilliance. Then he was accused of child molestation. He lost his job, his house, and his freedom.
The Homeless Hacker v. The New York Times
A self-styled security expert and serial self-promoter, Adrian Lamo made headlines as a grayhat hacker. Then the Gray Lady came down on his head.
Stripped for Parts
Organ transplants are a brutal business. Just ask the donors. Our reporter spends a dark night with the living dead.
The Very Modern Prince
Satellite geek, military fetishist, future king. Make way for the irrepressible cybervisionary of the South Pacific!